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In general, we follow the same general rules as the Wikipedia:

  1. Only add appropriate content. The Construction Set Wiki is intended as a repository of knowlege about using the TES IV Construction Set and modding TES IV Oblivion. Material that does not fit this goal should be moved to another fan site, or removed altogether.
  2. When contributing, avoid opinion or bias. Keep information factual. Avoid opinion or bias when contributing articles. This wiki is meant to be a reference guide, not an editorial site. Readers must be able to trust the content is factual. Keep questions, opinions and speculation on the Talk pages.
  3. Discussions belong on the forums. The forums are the place for discussion of controversial issues, not the Wiki.
  4. Don't infringe copyrights. Do not submit material which infringes on someone else's copyright, such as images you don't own.
  5. Contributions belong to the community. Anything submitted on the Wiki belongs to the Wiki, to be edited, changed, moved, chopped up, or deleted as best serves the community. Keeping involved in an article is strongly encouraged, but nothing submitted to the Wiki is the property of anyone, and as such bylines, self-credits, and efforts to prevent further editing by others are strictly prohibited.
  6. Respect other contributors. The Construction Set Wiki is a community effort. Flaming, personal attacks, etc. do not belong here. People who persist in this behavior may be banned by an Admin.

Most pages are freely editable by anyone with a registered account. Some pages may be protected, meaning only Administrators can edit them. This is usually done to protect the main structure of the site from vandalism. In most cases, protected pages contain very little of the actual content anyway, so they should not require much editing.

A complete list of administrators can be found here.