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TESCS Wiki Portals

Here you can find your way to all of the information you need, through our handy Portal system. Each Portal serves as a gateway into a particular area of modding, offering links to trouble-shooting, interesting tutorials, and plenty of reference information.

You can also find information by looking through our Table of Contents. The best articles from each section can be found as Featured Content.

Getting Started

In the Getting Started area, you will find myriad beginner tutorials, designed to teach the basics of using the Construction Set. You'll find lots of tips and tricks that experienced modders have discovered to make modding easier.


Artificial Intelligence

The AI Portal contains information about how to get your NPCs to do whatever, wherever you like. Information on Packages, Dialogue, and all aspects of actor creation is held within.


Everything there is to know about creating, exporting, and implementing animations within Oblivion can be found here. There are several tutorials, as well as numerous links to external animation tutorials.


Building and Editing

Building and editing is the domain of the Render Window. Here you can learn all about creating and changing objects, and placing and positioning them within the game world.


Learn about creating models, from what programs to use to how to export a mesh into Oblivion. Learn the basics of model creation, the intricacies of NifSkope, and everything else you'll need to create all new shapes.



This is where it all comes together. Quests often use new NPCs, new dialogue, scripting, modeling, texturing, world building, you name it. This portal will serve as a base of operations for your quest design.


In Oblivion, scripts employ hundreds of functions to create changes in the game world ranging from the invisibly subtle to world-changing; within you will find tutorials and reference articles on every function from Oblivion and OBSE.



Textures bring color to Oblivion - no model is complete without a texture, and Oblivion is capable of displaying some very high quality textures. Enter this portal to learn how to make them!