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A beginner's guide

TES IV: Oblivion Modding for Beginners

This is a proposed series of Tutorial Lessons aimed at teaching how to mod TES IV: Oblivion aimed at beginners. It will build up into a Complete Modding Course. Don't worry; there are no exams, though there is some homework. It is not intended to aid the transfer of modders from Morrowind nor it is intended for experienced modders, though experienced users may find something of interest here.
If you found the my first dungeon tutorial from Bethesda to be too complex as a starting point, then this guide is for you.
The lesson structure will begin by looking at buildings and structure Mods. They will then move on to NPC's, scripting and Quest Writing. Finally they will explore texturing and re-meshing.
It will at times be very simplistic, but as the series develops they will delve deeper into the Construction Set's functions. The series allows you to work from a base knowledge of zero. If this feels a bit like teaching your granny how to suck eggs I apologize.
So if you've never modded before and feel inspired then join me.