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Texture Maps[edit | edit source]

A texture is a 2D image wrapped around a mesh according to the UV map. Texture is often used to reference either the color map or all textures applied to a mesh. Oblivion supports the following texture maps.

  • Color Map: controls the color.
  • Normal Map: a heightmap to create the illusion of height difference on the surface of a mesh.
  • Glow Map: can make it look like the mesh is emitting light.
  • Specular Map: on the normal map's alpha channel, controls the way light reflexion is shown on the mesh.

Icons[edit | edit source]

There are icons for inventory items, factions, quests and spells. They're DDS files in three sizes (50%, 80% and 100%) for the low, medium and high texture settings. They're stored in the Textures/Menus/Icons folder, for high resolution textures and in Textures/Menus50/Icons and Textures/Menus80/Icons for low and medium settings.

Oblivion's textures are located in the Oblivion - Textures BSA file.

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