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Defines class parameters and major skills. The class editor dialogue is available by choosing "Class..." from the "Character" menu in the construction set.

Options[edit | edit source]

  • Classes: Each class has a unique editor ID, and a display name. By right clicking in the window, you can add or duplicate a class.
  • Full Name: This is the display name.
  • Primary Attributes: NPCs with this class get a 5 point bonus in each of these attributes.
  • Specialization: Any skills in this group advance more quickly when the player uses them. It's usually recommended that the specialization match the most important schools in the class.
  • Major skills: These skills all have an intial bonus, guaranteeing that the NPC has atleast a 25 in each skill. Major skill also advance more quickly when used.
  • Auto-Calc Buys / Sells: These are the items that the class can buy or sell. If an NPC is set to auto-calc his stats, the buy and sell flags from his class are used. If the NPC is not auto-calc'd, you can set his buy and sell flags directly.
  • Auto-Calc Other: Same as the buy and sell option above, but for the Recharge, Repair, and Training services. If training is selected, the skill to train and the maximum value the class can train to must be filled in.
  • Playable: The class will be offered to the player during character generation.
  • Guard: The class can apply bounty and can arrest NPCs.
  • Description: The text displayed during character generation that describes the class.
  • Menu Image: The image displayed during character generation that describes the class. It also appears on the player's character sheet.

Class Creation[edit | edit source]

Creating the class

In the class editor dialogue, right click in the class list and select "Duplicate" to create a copy of an existing class, or select "New" to create a whole new class.

Adding a menu image

In the class editor dialogue, click the button labeled "Add Image File" (it may have the folder location of an image file if you duplicated an existing class). A file selection dialogue appears, browse to the folder containing your icon, select it, and click "Open".

Class menu images must be placed in the "\Textures\Menus\Level-up\class_creation\" folder, and this folder must be used when selecting the image in the construction set. Additionally, there are three folders for images of different texture resolutions, and icons must be present in each of these folders for the game to view them properly. These folders are:

  • \Textures\Menus\Level_up\class_creation For large resolution images
  • \Textures\Menus80\Level_up\class_creation For medium resolution images
  • \Textures\Menus50\Level_up\class_creation For low resolution images

The menu images for each texture size follow a particular size and format. Existing Oblivion images can be imporated into your preferred image editor in order to ascertain the correct format for that resolution size. For more information on creating icons, see the tutorial on creating menu icons.