Effective Skill Level

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The effective skill level is the level at which a particular skill is considered to be when using the skill. It is a combination of the base skill level, any abilities, spells, etc. that affect that skill, and base luck. At default, effective skill level is

Base Skill Level + Benefits (Spells, ModAV, etc.)
                 - Detriments (negative Spells, ModAV, etc.)
                 + iActorLuckSkillBase + fActorLuckSkillMult * Luck

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • By default, iActorLuckSkillBase is -20 and fActorLuckSkillMult is 0.4. The effect of this is that every five points of Luck above 50 effectively improves your skill by two, while every five points of Luck below 50 effectively penalizes your skill by two.