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This FAQ serves to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the Wiki.

How do I find information on XYZ?[edit source]

To find an article, there are a number of approaches you can take. Please see our Welcome to the Wiki for information on navigating the Wiki.

Why doesn't my mod work when I do ABC?[edit source]

For any and all specific questions regarding your mod and trouble you are having with it, please use the Elder Scrolls Forums. The Forums will be able to respond faster and you will receive attention from more modders there. Questions on the Wiki should be restricted to questions about the Wiki - where to find information, clarification on articles, etc. These types of questions go on the Discussion pages of the relevant articles.

What does IJK on page PQR mean?[edit source]

For questions about anything on the Wiki, please use the Discussion page of the article in question. For more about using Discussion pages, see here.

How do I contribute to the Wiki?[edit source]

Contributing to the Wiki is a fun, rewarding experience. There are many simple things you can do, plus there are many ways to get more involved, like taking part in discussions on the Community Portal, voting on Nominated articles, and writing and editing yourself! Please be sure to read our Welcome to the Wiki as well as our Wiki Editing Style Guide and Syntax Guide. Everyone is encouraged to help out and make the TES CS Wiki the best place it can be!

Is it possible to change the page layout?[edit source]

Yes it is.