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Potions are the only magic objects that can be placed directly in an actor's inventory. In many ways they are more like Item objects than Magic objects. However, since the only function they perform is to add magic effects to the actor, making them magic objects is simpler than creating separate enchantments for each potion.

  • Poison?: This display-only field reads "yes" if all the magic effects are negative. Poisons can be applied to weapons.
  • Food Item: If checked, NPCs will eat these potions if they are on an Eat package.
  • Results: The list of magic effects on the potion. While only 8 effects will show up in-game, any number of effects can be added to the potion and will have an effect.
  • Auto-Calculate: If checked, the potion's price is calculated based on the sum of the magic effects costs. Otherwise it is a manually edited field.