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The Animating Portal

With animation you can move parts of a mesh or a complete mesh. Almost anything can be animated, and most animations can be triggered with a script. You can make and export animations with 3ds Max, Blender and even NifSkope is capable to make simple animations like an opening door.


Basic Animation Tutorial

File:AnimGuide Fig 1 Branch Overview.gif
Fig. 1: Typical view on a simple animation's block tree.

This guide aims at enabling modders to create very simple animated objects by applying pre-assembled basic animation files. Furthermore these animation files may be customized to allow for a multitude of more complex animations.

This might especially be geared towards modders who don't have access to or knowledge about using 3D applications (such as 3D Studio Max) to create and export animations.

Basic knowledge about animations and about using NifSkope is required though.

Anatomy of Animations

An animation sequence that's embedded into a .nif file is composed of characteristic block structures (see Fig. 1).
The following is a list of brief descriptions about the most common elements.


Things you can do

Getting Started

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