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The AI Portal

AI or artificial intelligence is the part of modding that controls what actors do. It can be one of the most easy parts, but at the same time it's one of the aspects that requires a great deal of testing and tweaking to get right. In Oblivion the behavior of actors is controlled by the actor's active package. The current time and conditions on the actor's packages control which package becomes active. Packages can be influenced by scripts in various ways.


Basic NPC Patrols Tutorial

Patrols can be a tremendous boon when trying to make an area feel more lifelike. This tutorial will share a technique for quickly creating a very basic two-point ("ping-pong") patrol and getting it in-game. The user should have a basic understanding of NPC, package, and pathgrid editing with the CS.

The very first thing we want to do is create an NPC to put these packages on. Open the NPC "BanditMeleeMale2" and give it the new ID "MyPatrolTemplate01". More on why we chose this ID later. Open the AI panel on this new NPC. We can delete the standard bandit packages, but it's a good practice to leave a basic wander at the bottom of every NPC's package stack as a failsafe. Go ahead and remove BanditSleep4x4 and BanditGruntWanderExterior now.


Things you can do