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The Quests Portal

Quests can be described as interactive stories, the degree of interaction can vary, but there's always some interaction with the player. Making a quest often involves AI, dialogue, scripting and building and editing, but not all of these are required to make a quest.


A beginner's guide, lesson 6 - Quest Dialogue

Well, we come to it at last. It is time for us to begin to create our own quest, to design our own NPC’s, and to write our own scripts. Of course it’s ridiculous to suggest that these tutorials alone will teach you everything you need to know. However, I hope by the time you finish the next few lessons you will be more comfortable with the key skills needed to create your own great works. The exemplar quest that I am using is not intended as an example of ‘Good Practice’. I have designed it. to illustrate techniques, not good quest writing. The actual details of this quest are fairly unimportant. What matters are the techniques we are using?


Things you can do


Related Portals

Simple Quest suggestion

Suggestion for simple quest: make a simple quest where as you must kill a certain number on creatures before time runs out to be able to give them to a hunter.