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Define race properties, including skin features and stat bonuses.

General Data[edit | edit source]

  • Base Attributes: Base attributes values for males and females of this race. The standard in Oblivion is for the attributes to add up to 320. An average value is 40. No starting attribute should exceed 50.
  • Skill Bonus: Up to 7 skill modifiers can be added to the race, which are added to the starting skill values of NPCs (including the player). The Standard for Oblivion is 45 points of skill bonuses. No single bonus should exceed 10.
  • Specials: List of spells (usually abilities or powers) that all members of this race have.
  • Male Voice Race: Can select a race to share male voice files with. This allows new races to use existing voice assets.
  • Female Voice Race: Can select a race to share female voice files with. This allows new races to use existing voice assets.

Body Data[edit | edit source]

Specify tail model and body texture files, as well as height and weight scaling. Before you can select a stock texture you have extract the BSA files.

  • Eye Colors: Specify the available eye colors by dragging items from the Eyes menu.
  • Hair Styles: Specify the available hair styles by dragging items from the Hair menu.
  • Default Hair: Select the default male and female hair types.

Face Data[edit | edit source]

Specify male and female face models.

FaceGen Data[edit | edit source]

Specify a racial face baseline using the standard FaceGen controls.

In-game, the PC's face is morphed in a specific way depending on gender, causing the basic face to look much different than the one you see in this tab, though NPCs do look the same. To see how the PC's face will look once morphed, create a new NPC of the race you want to see, and go to the "face" tab. To see what the character will look like as a male, set the NPC as a female and select "Reset Face", then change the NPC into a male. To see what the character will look like as a female, make them a male and select "Reset Face", then change them into a female.

Text Data[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Race name, which appears in various places in the editor as well as in the character creation menu (see ShowRaceMenu).
  • Playable: If checked, this race is available for the player to choose during character creation.

Unfortunately, the main quest line will not start for user-added races unless a race-specific dialogue for the prisoner in the opposing cell is added, leaving the new character locked in prison forever. Alternatively, here is a plugin which adds not race-specific dialogue for that NPC.( Please ignore the German interface of the site, the plugin is in English!)

  • Description: The description that appears in the character creation menu.

Reactions[edit | edit source]

List of disposition modifiers towards other races.