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A spell is a collection of Magic Effects that can be placed in an actor's spell inventory. The actor triggers non-ability, disease, or poison effects upon casting the spell or Power.

  • Type: Different types of spells have different data related to duration, magicka cost, spell efficiency, Skill Mastery Requirements, and Daily Cast limit.
Type Properties
Ability These effects are active upon starting the game, have 0 magicka cost, and last permanently if duration is set to 0. Unknown if abilities are affected by Skill Mastery and Spell Efficiency.
Disease Disease effects are transferred via an X% chance to transmit Y disease upon each physical blow received.
Lesser Power Non hard-coded magicka cost. May be used regularly. Not Affected by Skill Mastery and Spell Efficiency.
Poison Unused by game. Have no effect when cast, inflict poison damage similar to poisoning weapons.
Spell Non hard-coded magicka cost. May be used regularly. Affected by Skill Mastery and Spell Efficiency.
Greater Power Magicka cost is set to 0. Can only be cast once a day. Not affected by Skill Mastery and Spell Efficiency. These are referred to simply as 'Powers' in the Construction Set.
  • School: The school is always the same as that of the single most expensive effect.
  • Disallow Spell Absorb/Reflect: If checked, this spell cannot be absorbed or reflected.
  • Script Effect Always Applies: If not checked, script effects will be subject to resistances. For Example, a player with 50% magic resistance will be affected by a 30 second script effect for only 15 seconds unless this box is checked.
  • Area Effect Ignores LOS: Normally an area effect spell must have line of sight from its center to the target in order to affect it. For example, hiding behind a pillar will protect an actor from a fireball. However, if this box is checked, intervening objects are ignored.
  • Immune to Silence: This spell can be cast even if the actor is silenced. Usually reserved for Greater Powers.
  • PC Start Spell: If checked, the player starts the game with this spell.
  • Auto-Calculate: If checked, the magicka cost of the non-ability or disease spell is pre-calculated, based on the numeric value given to the effects.
  • Spell Level: Sets the skill rank necessary to cast the spell. Normally spell rank is determined by the following game settings: fMagicSpellLevelApprenticeMin, fMagicSpellLevelJourneymanMin, fMagicSpellLevelExpertMin, fMagicSpellLevelMasterMin. Remember that Greater Powers ignore Spell Level, however.
  • Spell Cost: Remember that Lesser Powers magicka cost cannot be modified without the Console or Construction Set. Spells, are affected by the caster's skill, however. See here for details on how the cost is calculated and how skill affects it.

Note about disease: It's important to know that diseases are not intended to be applied to 'generic' actors (Like the 'generic' dog, rat, etc). If you give a base actor a disease, all other individual actors created from that actor will have the disease as well.

For example, if you infect a Clannfear Runt with a disease, all Clannfear Runts of the same type will suffer it too; regular Clannfears or special instances of Clannfear Runts will be ok, but the majority will be infected. Most named human NPCs are unique instances and thus are ok to infect.