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Current "Did You Know..." Facts

Did you know...

  • ...that Effective Skill Level is a combination of the base skill level, any abilities, spells, etc. that affect that skill, and base luck?
  • ...that when PlaceAtMe creates a new reference to something, that reference is added to the savegame, and in most situations it cannot be removed?
  • ...that Climates allow you to define what types of weather a given worldspace will experience, as well as the behavior of sky objects such as the sun, moons, and stars?
  • ...that Combat Styles are used to govern NPC choices made in the melee and maneuver decisions?
  • ...that books use a simplified HTML markup to display book text?

Other "Did You Know..." Facts

Did you know...

  • ...that every script must start with a declaration of that script's name?
  • ...that all Soul Gems have their sizes determined by Game Settings?
  • ...that This is an alias for GetSelf?
  • ...that an auto-calculated spell's school is determined by the most expensive single effect, not by which school has the most combined cost?
  • ...that fActorTeleportFadeSeconds controls how long an actor will fade in (or out) when going through a load door, or being moved with MoveTo?
  • ...that the console command Toggle Debug Text can be a invaluable tool to Oblivion players and modders alike?
  • ...that Game Settings control a huge number of things in Oblivion, such as damage, AI, potion strength, and many of the names and titles in the game are set by a setting, and that very little of the game is completely independent of them?
  • ...that the Oblivion Mod Manager can be used to create OMOD-ready archives, perfect for release?
  • ...that to alter existing meshes or textures, one will first need to unpack the game's BSA files?
  • ...that Stage Functions can be used to create "functions", bits of code that can be used repeatedly in multiple places?
  • ...that the Kill function is the only way to assign the perpetrator of a scripted crime?
  • ...that subspaces are used to solve the problem of disconnected areas in the world space?
  • ...that you need the original version of The Elder Scrolls Construction Set in order to create lip synch files for your dialogue?
  • ...that you can check which models from the original game use each texture?
  • ...every script menu requires at least two functions, MessageBox and GetButtonPressed?
  • ...that patrols can be a tremendous boon when trying to make an area feel more lifelike?
  • ...that 21.3 of the units used in the game is one foot?