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These are old Newsposts.

Wiki News: August 7, 2007

Welcome to the first ever Wiki News!

Several updates have been made to the Wiki recently. First of all, notice the new Community Portal, complete with its very own link in your Navigation toolbar! This is the place for discussions, thoughts, and comments on the Wiki - feel free to comment on any thing you'd like to see done! Or learn all about what we do here and help out!

Secondly, and this is huge, the Search function has been changed to search Categories and User Pages by default. This is very important, because a very large amount of information is included in Category pages, which you previously could not find by Searching. If you had previously created an account, your preferences were not changed! You can set your own preferences in the Preferences page, under Search.

Also, please note the creation of Article Tags. You can easily help out at the Wiki by learning what these tags are and how to use them, and marking any articles that you come across that fit in these categories! If there are other tags you would like to see, please say so in the appropriate section of the Community Portal.

Finally, highlighting a policy change. While the rules themselves are not new, previously they had been unclear and unenforced. When submitting articles onto the Wiki, you are officially waiving any special rights you have to that text - it may be edited, moved, or deleted by others as necessary. You may, of course, maintain the article, and contributors are expected to discuss an article in its Talk page when multiple people are working on it. Therefore, you may not add a "byline" to the article, as this discourages others from improving the article.

Articles which had been bylined before have been marked, and those authors will be contacted regarding their wishes for the articles.

Please go to the Community Portal for the latest news and discussions here at the Wiki.