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The Building and Editing Portal

Building and Editing is a skill every modder needs and almost every mod requires. It could be explained as simply dragging objects from the Object Window into the Render Window, however, creating convincing looking cities, towns and landscapes requires practice and knowledge about the tools and bugs of Construction Set offers.


Using Kits and Navigating the Render Window

TESIV dungeons are assembled using modular kits created by artists. A typical kit consists of a variety of walls, halls, and other structural elements that snap together seamlessly. For this dungeon, we're going to use Istvan Pely's Cave kit. We're now ready to begin using the Object Window. This window is the toolbox from which we'll pull all the monsters, architecture, objects, and just about anything else we need while building with the CS. To access the Cave kit, expand the Object Window list as shown in the image.

Notice the list of objects now filling the right field of the Object Window. This is the cave kit. There are two important things to point out about how these objects are named.


Try adding a simple ball or cube before you get into serious modding.


Things you can do

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