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If you are looking for the CSList page, it has been moved to

Welcome to

The Elder Scrolls

Construction Set Wiki

Featured Article

A Beginner's Guide

This is a series of Tutorial Lessons aimed at teaching how to mod TES IV: Oblivion aimed at beginners. It will build up into a Complete Modding Course. Don't worry; there are no exams, though there is some homework. It is not intended to aid the transfer of modders from Morrowind nor it is intended for experienced modders, though experienced users may find something of interest here.

The lesson structure will begin by looking at buildings and structure Mods. They will then move on to NPC's, scripting and Quest Writing. Finally they will explore texturing and re-meshing.

It will at times be very simplistic, but as the series develops they will delve deeper into the Construction Set's functions. The series allows you to work from a base knowledge of zero.

So if you've never modded before and feel inspired then join me.

Did You Know...

  • ...that Effective Skill Level is a combination of the base skill level, any abilities, spells, etc. that affect that skill, and base luck?
  • ...that when PlaceAtMe creates a new reference to something, that reference is added to the savegame, and in most situations it cannot be removed?
  • ...that Climates allow you to define what types of weather a given worldspace will experience, as well as the behavior of sky objects such as the sun, moons, and stars?
  • ...that Combat Styles are used to govern NPC choices made in the melee and maneuver decisions?
  • ...that books use a simplified HTML markup to display book text?

Wiki News: April 28, 2008

The Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki has gotten a face-lift!

Welcome to the new TESCS Wiki! This new Main Page has been designed from scratch for the sake of easing navigation on the Wiki. After considering complaints regarding finding information, a great deal of effort has gone into making everything as accessible as possible.

Meaningful Main Page

The new Main Page provides not only the same simple blurbs found on the original page, but also dozens of useful links and sections that will be updated much more frequently than the Featured Article or News sections.

The new Did You Know section offers one-line snippets of articles, leading you to new and exciting facts. Here you'll find all kinds of useful things, the kinds of facts that you might not have even known to look for! Each contains a link where you can learn more.

There's also the What's New section - so you'll always know what articles have seen major improvements and where new additions to the Wiki have been made. These new articles may be cutting-edge modding techniques, great new tutorials, or simply notes of improvement in the Wiki. Check back frequently to always stay on top of what's new!

New and Improved Table of Contents

The old Table of Contents on the Main Page has been moved to its own page, complete with a link from the Navigation box. The Table of Contents is now far more organized and complete, with descriptions of every entry in the list. The list now follows the organization of the pages that it links to, providing a far more streamlined entry into the Wiki.

Portals - Your gateway to modding knowledge

In order to provide users with the most coherent collection of information, the Portals have been hand-crafted to provide all of the information on a facet of modding in one place! There are Portals for AI, Animating, Building, Modeling, Quests, Scripting, and Texturing, each with a full compliment of features...

Please go to the Community Portal for the latest news and discussions here at the Wiki.


Welcome to the TESCS Wiki!

This is a community-run site where you'll find everything you need to use the The Elder Scrolls Construction Set and make mods for Oblivion. You'll find documentation on the Construction Set, tutorials on how to build your own dungeons and quests, and more.

If you are interested in joining our community, create an account and start contributing -- we have 5 articles and growing! Please check out the Welcome to the Wiki guide for more information about what we're striving for and how you can help, and take a look at our Community Portal to see what we're working on at the moment!

Using the Wiki

The Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki is a very large resource - if this is your first time using it, it can be quite daunting! Even if you have been using the Wiki for months, there's almost certainly things here that you didn't even know about.

So come this way for a list of tips and tricks for finding the information you want, for improving your experience, and for simple ways you can help out!

The Elder Scrolls Construction Set

The Elder Scrolls Construction Set allows you to edit and create any data for use with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Any data that goes into the game goes in through the Construction Set and is stored in data files (labeled either ESM or ESP files) that are read by the game. The Construction Set allows you to create your own areas (towns, dungeons, islands, etc.) and populate them with characters, creatures, and stories. You can add new races, classes, spells, quests, potions, magic items, and anything else your mind can dream up.

Download the Elder Scrolls Construction Set here.

You can also edit the data that comes with Oblivion. Don't like how fast everyone moves? Change the movement settings. Do you want Nords to start with better abilities? Want to rebalance spell costs? It's all here.

The most powerful feature of the Construction Set is the ability to create new data and stories, which are stored as plugin files. You can place your plugin on the Internet and have others play the quests and areas you have created. And since they are plugins, they add directly into someone's existing game without damaging the data already there.